The foundations of controlled inner cleansing are anatomy, physiology, immunology and biophysics. The method respects the basic assumption of Chinese medicine about the nature of an organism as a system composed of subsystems that is in a dynamic interaction with the environment. In detoxification, we use Joalis preparations that consist of natural plant extracts.

They are carriers of information about the spectral characteristics of a wide range of toxic burden and its placement in the organism. Joalis preparations, as diet supplements, direct the natural immunological resources and help the organism in its self-purification. They are not remedies and do not substitute medications prescribed by your physician.

Controlled inner cleansing is based on the achievements of contemporary physics applied in photography and phonography. Its scientific foundations are also neurology and psychology that underline the role of the healthy brain and mind for the human wellbeing.

Miarka Zdrowia works with the whole person. Miarka represents the holistic view of an organism. It recognizes its strong interactions with the natural and social environment.

Miarka Zdrowia promotes caring for your wellbeing by monitoring the level of toxins in your organism and eliminating them. Toxins are the effects of encapsulated emotions, stress and tension, radioactive radiation, toxic compounds, heavy metals, chemicals from food and environment, microorganisms, their toxins, and many other factors.

Eliminating them results in bodily and mental revitalization. This is how you can prevent or eliminate health dysfunctions long before they produce symptoms by which we get aware of our health deficits.

By detoxifying your organism you can maintain healthy body functions with the resulting effectiveness and a sense of balance.

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