Konsultacja psychologiczna (60 min). Cena: 200 zł

Such a meeting is time and attention only for you, a space for joint reflection on what you come with. If you need listening, understanding, suggestions on how to deal with difficult situations, you will find what you are looking for. If you are unsure which type of therapy is most appropriate for your situation, this consultation will help you determine it.

A session focused on identifying needs and difficulties in dealing with problems. This is an important and basic element of therapeutic activities in Miarka Zdrowia, with the possibility of referral to work with other therapists.

Psychoterapia (60 min). Cena: 200 zł

Psychological consultation supporting the detoxification process. It is an integral element of removing emotional burdens and those resulting from chronic stress.

A session focused on cognitive reformulation in the field of perception and interpretation as well as harmonization of the sphere of mind and emotions. It is an important and basic element of detoxification in case of stress, tension or difficult experiences from the past or present.

Professional psychological assistance in the development of correction of nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle, and support in its implementation.

Konsultacja detoksykacyjna (1.5 h). Cena: 300 zł

Full recognition of the body's condition, which includes anamnesis and measurement of toxic loads using the Salvia device (EAV test). Based on the measurement results, Joalis detoxification preparations are selected, which stimulate and direct the natural processes of cleansing the body of toxins of various origins.

Guided detoxification takes into account the body's natural regenerative abilities. It supports the body's own forces aimed at excreting unnecessary and harmful substances that reduce its efficiency.

Detoxification assumes respect for the needs and capabilities of the body in the initial phase of the detoxification process. It is worth ensuring yourself an increased dose of rest and staying calm if you feel worse. Detoxification symptoms usually pass within a few days.

Detoxification usually takes place in several stages, each of which lasts 2-3 months, depending on the intensity of taking detoxification preparations and the individual capabilities of the body in terms of self-cleaning. Guided detoxification in some cases should go hand in hand with the correction of the diet, if the body is burdened with metabolic products.

Konsultacja detoksykacyjna - kontynuacja (1 h). Cena: 200 zł

It includes re-measuring with the Salvia device and determining the further course of detoxification.

Konsultacja detoksykacyjna FIT (1 h). Cena: 200 zł

Detailed test of food products toxic or indicated for the body using the Salvia apparatus (EAV test). It covers metabolic toxins, vitamins and minerals, and basic other toxic loads on the body.

How to take anger and use its energy? How to argue constructively? How to prevent depression in a child?

Session planned as psychological tutoring for parents, teenagers, singles and couples. Theme tailored to your needs and goals. Tailor-made form. Short, effective, flexible.

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