Author name: mariusz.walczak

Mind in balance

Immunity is associated with the state of mind. Emotional overload or excess of responsibilities diminish the body?s capacity to eliminate harmful substances in the process of excretion.

How Miarka Zdrowia works

Can you imagine your life without a bathroom? It is obvious to take a daily shower. We brush our teeth, shampoo our hair, and cut our nails. Less often we take care of what we have inside. It is widely known that our digestive system has its end, female reproductive organs cleanse regularly through menstruation, skin naturally exfoliates every several days …

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Psychological stress and tissue stress

Stress may be considered a complex of chemical reactions going on in the body. This physiological phenomenon involves muscle tension and tension in the interior organs that we are often unaware of. Stress reduces our immunity which makes it unable to meet the challenge of our fast pace living in big cities and artificial environment.

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