Health trail with MIARKA

Step 1

Observe yourself. Take stock of how you feel. Are your body and mind in balance? Do you notice anything uncomfortable or annoying that you might have overlooked or trivialised?

Step 2

Make associations. Think of how long you’ve been observing the annoying changes in your health. Do you find any links they may form with the past or present events or experience?

Step 3

Take action. Make an appointment with Miarka Zdrowia. Let yourself experience the improvement in your health when you will have eliminated the toxic burden from your organism. Bringing it back to harmony.


Maintenance and attainment of the harmonious psychophysical functioning, efficiency, and wellbeing. Systematic detoxification is a way to care for your health and wellbeing at any age.

Visit Miarka Zdrowia if you 

  • live in stress

  • experience deficits in your psychological or physical wellbeing

  • notice distorted psychological or physical functions of your organism

  • experience tension, irritation, exhaustion

  • have a difficulty in concentration

  • experience oversensitivity to food or chemical products

  • are planning to have a baby