How Miarka Zdrowia works

Can you imagine your life without a bathroom? It is obvious to take a daily shower. We brush our teeth, shampoo our hair, and cut our nails. Less often we take care of what we have inside. It is widely known that our digestive system has its end, female reproductive organs cleanse regularly through menstruation, skin naturally exfoliates every several days and therefore it serves its purposes, and mental state affects body state and vice versa. What does it mean though? We have mastered personal hygiene to perfection. What about the inside of the body, not to mention our mind and emotions?

Detoxification may be viewed as a spa treatment, a diet accompanied with drinking herbal infusions or a cycle of therapy sessions. What do these activities have in common with Controlled Inner Cleansing and what makes them different? They are all based on the assumption that one of the foundations of health and beauty is eliminating unnecessary or harmful substances from an organism. However, detoxification as Controlled Inner Cleansing according to Josef Jonas, MD, is more than that. First, it comprises precise measurement of the toxic burden a particular organism is loaded with. Second, it consists in individualized detoxification scheduled with reference to the results of the measurement. Natural detoxification is managed with Joalis preparations.


We know more and more about the benefits of inner cleansing, although its role was already noticed thousands of years ago. The importance of inner cleansing is the higher the more polluted and dissociated from nature is the environment which we are part of. Such an imbalance can be found both on the Earth in a global sense and in a sense of a private lawn or garden. It also regards relationships with family, friends, and collaborators, professional activities or the level of life satisfaction. All detoxification activities converge in setting an organism (considered as a psychophysical whole) free from toxins it has accumulated, the elimination of which exceeds its current capacities. Regardless of the mechanisms of excretion we are equipped with and of the fact that our bodies are prepared to eliminate toxins.

Controlled Inner Cleansing according to Josef Jonas, MD comprises supporting an organism in self-purification at many levels, with special attention to emotional toxins. This method recognizes their strong destructive consequences for health. Emotions are not only pieces of experience but also a whole cascade of physiological and mental responses, and thus ? body states. Vulnerability to toxic burden depends on many individual variables, living conditions or past experience. Managed and controlled detoxification is a method of eliminating harmful chemical products of difficult experience, tension and the ongoing stress from the body. Controlled Inner Cleansing is a manner of reintroducing order and harmony in an organism. Detoxification according to Jonas, MD activates the natural resources of the body in setting it free from the substances disrupting its functions.

Consultation details

Detoxification starts with an interview. The more details of your health state I know, the more adequate and efficient is the measurement of an organism?s toxic burden. All the information client reveals during the session is confidential. The approximate duration of the measurement is 1-1.5 hours. Detoxification preparations are selected with tight reference to the results of the measurement. Their adequacy is individually tested electronically by means of Salvia EAV device.


Detoxification details

Natural processes of self-purification and regeneration are involved in detoxification. Joalis preparations strengthen an organism?s own energy and direct it at eliminating harmful substances decreasing its effectiveness. Detoxification preparations are usually applied twice a day, orally or on skin, with a 15-minutes interval from eating or using toothpaste. Information concerning the sensations involved in detoxification a client may share with the advisor is useful in planning further steps of the process. Its schedule is thus ?made to measure?. In some clients, detoxification is initially associated with a feeling of discomfort. Intensification of symptoms may occur after the body has started eliminating toxins.

Controlled Inner Cleansing takes account of the needs, abilities and limitations of an organism in the initial phase of detoxification. It is strongly advised that you give yourself a chance to take more rest and stay calm about your reduced efficiency or decreased mood. Detoxification symptoms usually go away within a couple of days. Detoxification is most effective if a client stays in touch with a detoxification advisor and shares his or her observations. Such information forms important cues in adjusting the detoxification procedure to the individual client?s needs.

Detoxification usually proceeds in several stages of 4-6 weeks duration each. The duration of this process depends on the intensity of taking preparations and of the individual self-purification capacity of an organism. In some cases, controlled inner cleansing goes with a correction of diet relevant to the toxic burden detected.


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